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Market Reports

Our monthly market report gives chefs insights into seasonality, pricing, weather conditions and crop quality, shortages and alternative produce choices, and suggestions on unusual produce for your kitchen. Here’s what’s in season:
New report
Keep Calm and Eat Strawberries
MAY 2022

Keep Calm and Eat Strawberries

Happiness is a basket full of fresh English strawberries

The best asparagus of the season
APRIL 2022

The best asparagus of the season

British asparagus has arrived

Stop and smell the garlic!
MARCH 2022

Stop and smell the garlic!

English wild garlic has started

Forced Rhubarb

Forced Rhubarb

Grown and picked by candlelight

Green January

Green January

It’s time to eat your greens

Merry Sprout-Mas!

Merry Sprout-Mas!

Stock up on your festive vegetables

Seasonal updates

For new menu ideas and inspiration think ahead with our seasonal updates covering what’s coming into season, our pick of the month plus, feature interviews with chefs and growers in the industry.