From avocados to zucchinis

Everyday essentials and exotic fruit and veg delivered on time to your kitchen.

sourced from the best
british and european growers

No matter the season, we’ve got the right produce for your kitchen. From exotic fruits and vegetables to the essentials, our consistent quality is what brings
our clients back again and again.


We source locally to keep food miles low and maintain the right temperature for our products to preserve
their flavour and delicate quality for longer.

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Everything your
kitchen needs

We have over 2,000 kinds of fruits, vegetables, dairy, prepared, frozen, puree and dry foods.

Vegetables & Salad

Vegetables & Salad

300+ varieties from UK, Europe and global farms

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200+ hand-selected
varieties on a daily basis

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Cresses, Flowers & Herbs

Cresses, Flowers & Herbs

230+ kinds from
specialist growers

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Baby & Micro Vegetables

Baby & Micro Vegetables

Hand-graded so every
plate looks the same

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Prepared Produce & Juices

Prepared Produce & Juices

Sliced, diced, shredded or turned for any prep requirements

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A full range for all
dietary requirements

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Frozen & Purees

Frozen & Purees

Frozen produce & 50+ fruit purees and compotes

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Dry <br>Goods


A larder of provisions–from oil to tinned goods, condiments to rice

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The raw numbers
of our produce

Just how much fruit and veg comes through our warehouse each year?
Take a look.

820Tonnes of potatoes

We have 30 types including roseval, truffle, jersey, pink fir, anja, and more.

9 Million+Individual berries

From 22 types including gooseberry, blackcurrant, pine, tayberry, strasberry, loganberry, and more.

55types of baby vegetables

From carrots, beetroots moolis, cabbage, peppers and leeks to turnip, cauliflower, courgette, and more.

500tonnes of sliced, diced
and prepped produce

That’s the equivalent of 78 elephants, 5 space shuttles, or 400 polar bears.

1 Million+individual eggs

Lion stamped, free range,
burford brown, pheasant, quail, duck, and more. We can source it all.

230,000pints of milk

That’s the equivalent of 13 cows being milked 3 times a day.

The A to Z of
fruits and vegetables

Want to learn more about a specific fruit or veg County Supplies has in stock?
Head to our Inventory page to find your produce.
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we're proud to display

Logo of LEAF


Food grown sus­tain­ably with care for
the envi­ron­ment.

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We have a AA grading for storage and distribution.

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Red Tractor

Produce that’s fully traceable and
farmed to UK standards.