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From the grower to your kitchen, this is how we do it

Here’s a look behind the scenes at how we’re able to deliver to your specifications.

fruit and veg need to be
delivered on time

We know that you may have specific delivery requirements or unusual produce requests. That’s why at County Supplies, you can rely on us for exact deliveries. All of our vehicles are equipped with GARMIN tracking so we can give you accurate delivery times and real-time fridge temperatures. Because the only thing more important than reliable quality is having your produce on hand when you need it.


Our Opening Hours:

1.30PM Sunday to 10.30AM Saturday
Customer services – 6PM Sunday to 10.30AM Saturday
Dedicated out of hours team – 24/7

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do we do it?

Curious about how our fruit and vegetables arrive in your kitchen?
We’re BRC AA accredited, which means our staff are trained in food quality procedures,
handling, storage and distribution. Here’s an inside look at how we do it at County Supplies.

Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Order Confirmation - County Supplies London

Order confirmation

6AM - 12PM

Customers call in or order online. If anything is not available, we discuss alternatives with our clients. Any produce specifications are noted for the buyer and packers, and delivery instructions are logged for drivers.
Orders can be placed until 12 midnight for the following day.

Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supply- County Supplies London



We look at the buying requirements for the day and the special produce requirement report. This helps us get an idea of any produce that needs special grading or if it needs to be at a certain stage of ripeness.
Our warehouse has a continual rotation of produce coming in from our suppliers and growers.

Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Order Reception - County Supplies London

Goods In

8PM - 10AM

We check all products by look, feel and temperature. Frozen goods and dairy are checked in by an infrared probe. All goods are checked into our temperature monitoring system that provides us with 24-hour real-time fridge updates.
We keep different temperatures for different products, allowing the produce to keep its flavour and delicate quality for longer.


Noon - 3AM

We pick and pack orders daily for 15 hours. All orders are hand-picked and packed according to individual customer requirements by our specialist team.

Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Packing and Delivery - County Supplies London


3AM - Noon

Once the orders have been thoroughly checked and are ready for delivery, our team inspects the refrigerated vehicles. Drivers keep the same runs daily so they understand customer delivery needs.
All vehicles are equipped with GARMIN tracking to give our customers real-time updates, accurate delivery times and fridge temperatures.

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the best produce
to your kitchen
is worth it

And it’s a team effort. I get to the market around 10pm when the packers are in mid swing. We then work through the night to pick, pack and load the vans. It’s a 24/7 operation delivering twice a day to London and the home counties.

We’re only as good as our last order, so we’re consistently striving for the highest quality, accuracy and service.

Oliver Hurren Signature - County Supplies London

Oliver Hurren

Head Buyer