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We're only as good as our growers

That's why we try and source locally to keep our food miles low.

Quality Produce
all year round

When it’s the right season, we buy the very best local produce from British growers and suppliers. Beyond that, we work with an established network of growers and suppliers across Europe and around the globe—receiving daily deliveries from Rungis Market Paris and others as well as Sunday deliveries from Milan and Barcelona.


Our suppliers are long-term partners that have met a strict criteria of ethical working practices and accreditations so you can have peace of produce mind.

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Westwood Farm


Westwood farm is known for forced and outdoor rhubarb. Situated in the middle of the “Rhubarb Triangle” in West Yorkshire, our family has been farming and growing rhubarb since the late 1870s. As market growers they currently farm over 300 acres and grow a variety of brassicas. They have been featured on the BBC’s Great British Menu Programme for the Queen’s 80th birthday.

Nurtured in Norfolk

Micro Cress

Alan and Sue Miller both worked as chefs for 20 years before becoming growers of micro cress to fill a need for more consistent produce. 10 years later, they’ve grown from a small greenhouse in their back garden to a four acre nursery. All produce is grown on a natural soil base, benefiting from nutrients that are present throughout the growing stages and help extend shelf life.



The Allen family are proud to have farmed in Norfolk for more than 250 years. Since 1985,our 1,000 acre farm has grown asparagus using the best traditional and sustainable methods, to ensure quality, flavour and freshness reaching the standards of the Red Tractor Scheme. It takes three years from seed to harvest but, during the short asparagus season, Portwood grow more than 250 tonnes per year.


Micro greens, inspired leaves and edible flowers

Grown in the Vale of Evesham at the heart of the UK, Westlands are proud to be the largest British specialty grower of microgreens, inspired leaves, and edible flowers. True to their Dutch heritage, Westlands practice the principles of personal care and product quality introduced generations ago. They are always looking to evolve their range of produce, because we hope to inspire others in the food industry.

Hugh Lowe Farms

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries

Hugh Lowe Farms is a fifth-generation family business that has grown berries for 125 years in Kent. Farming over 170 hectares of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, the farm supplies fresh berries eight months of the year using a combination of plantsmanship, natural bees and pollinators, as well as high technology like glass and polytunnels.

Growing Underground

Micro herb and baby leaf salads

Once a WWII air raid shelter and now a fertile space, Growing Underground is a farm that creates fertile land through repurposing disused and redundant spaces. Using data capture and sensors to create an optimized environment that uses less water and zero pesticides, crops are grown year-round 33 metres beneath the streets of Clapham. Unaffected by seasonality, all crops are tailored to market needs and demands.

Watkisons logo

Watkinsons Farm

Kale and cabbage

A 120-acre vegetable farm that has been in the family since the 1930s, Watkinsons Farm specialises in brassicas. A real family farm, they take pride in life on the farm and have even opened a glamping site at the edge of the site. They currently grow kale (Green, Red, and Cavalo Nero) and cabbage (Savoy, Spring, and Sweetheart) to Red Tractor standards.